Puerto Nuevo is a quaint seaside Mexican village, located in Baja Mexico, about 30 minutes south of the San Diego, California, and the Tijuana, Mexico border. The village is famous for the unique way in which they serve lobster, the tiny village atmosphere, and its beautiful ocean views. The coastal road, (known as the Free Road) to Puerto Nuevo is a shopping mecca. For those choosing a more direct route, the Toll Road to Puerto Nuevo is a modern highway, with the most spectacular ocean views. We highly suggest travel by daylight as to not miss the best part of this region, its coastal views!

Driving along the coast not only can visitors can enjoy coastal views that rival any top destination in the world, there is so much to do not matter what your interest. Fishermen know the area for its plentiful ocean fishing. Surfers have been flocking to the many hot surf spots that dot the coast for years. Puerto Nuevo itself is noted by the famous surf spot K38. And finally, it is the always the welcoming smiles of those in the village that will make you feel at home as soon as you park your car.  Puerto Nuevo is Mexico at its best!

Since 1954 when the Plascencia family arrived and made the cove their home and began cooking lobster for fishermen from the USA, to the now over 34 lobster houses that dot the village, millions of hungry and adventurous travelers have partaken in lobster Puerto Nuevo style!

Along the road from the USA to Puerto Nuevo there are many tourist stops, private beachfront rentals, hotels, resorts, golf courses, shopping, real estate for sale, artisan furniture and home decor items, horseback riding, surfing, fishing, and fun culinary stops. While we recommend a minimum two night visit to get in mood and relax, one can easily take a day trip to the destination from Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego.

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Puerto Nuevo – Where Happiness Lives!

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